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TangoBarrio is a meeting place in the ether of this electronic world for people who enjoy tango. There are articles written for the reader to explore the authors personal insights of observations and histories. Photographs that capture the beauty of friends and experiences. And a forum to exchange ideas and thoughts with people across this ether.

After seeing the Local Scene Biography section of this website, a few of my friends thought I should include mine. So here it is.

Shashin has been dancing Tango for over a decade now. He does not teach or Dj tango. Shashin receives inspiration from dancing to great music at milongas and that's part of the reason in the past, he co-founded with his friends Chris, Milonga de Suenos and Lucy, Practica del Beso. In the present, his love of dancing outdoors led to Milonga a la Libertad. And around the end of October there is Tangosutra.