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Chronicle of an ordinary milonga (from a female point of view) by Celine Allard

You may as well want to rewind the whole film straight away, unless you want to be miserable for the rest of the night, and even later. For what is tango if you're going to bring into it competition, jealousy and bitchiness? So listen (just for one second), take a deep breath, and just listen to the music for a while. Isn't it 'Malena' that is playing, who's singing beautifully to it? Now that you pay attention, the music can make its way into your veins and slowly intoxicate you. Really, you had forgotten how melancholic Fresedo can be, and how romantic De Angelis is. The worries on your face pack and go, leaving room for a welcoming smile.

And before you know, you're invited to dance. You haven't paid much attention to the guy, he's from town, but you've barely danced with him. And honestly, on those rare occasions, you have not enjoyed dancing with him. Or rather, you think you don't enjoy. He's not a glowing star on the dance floor, no boleo this, not boleo that, and so he rarely caught your eye. But now, surprisingly it feels different. Rodriguez is playing, 'Llorar por una mujer' in fact, and you're really in tune with the music. Maybe because you're relaxed, you let yourself be opened to the leader's suggestions, and there you realize he does have a lot to say. What looked seemingly boring from outside turns out to be fascinating within the dancing couple. That stress in the phrase that you love, he finds a way of leading it with his chest, and you end up expressing it with your legs. Of course no one except the two of you has noticed it, and that makes the feeling even more precious. The embrace becomes more soothing, you let go of everything but your groundness and awareness of the music, and behind your closed eyes, you're in tangoland.

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