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A Dance with My Breath by Liz Borodkin

And now I'm basking in the bliss of a beautiful tango. I think it's the sweetest nectar of life. Until...

the thought itself separates me from the dance and my partner. Suddenly, the body feels off-center, so I grip with my muscles, wondering if he noticed. My breath changes, and yes, he did notice. How did it happen - I don't quite know. I simply wasn't there. Now my awareness makes its way back, and while the music fills the room, silence fills my mind. I'm not just following him - my mind feels him. I'm not guessing his next move, but my intuition invariably unveils the next line of his story. The music speeds up, and he sweeps me off my feet with a maelstrom of fast boleos, ganchos, and turns...

My mind panics as the body blocks its own movement and refuses to keep up. Suddenly, in the midst of this chaos, the Breath emerges, settling the storm of my mind, infusing the flow into my body, slowing the perceived speed of our movement. We are doing yoga to tango.

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Text by Liz Borodkin. Photographs by S. Singh, shot at 18th and Yoga, Washington DC