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Why I Dress Up by Joe Petrisko

Let's clarify one thing here before proceeding any further. "Dressing up" doesn't mean being formal. "Formal" would be a tuxedo or gown. Different events call for different standards of dress. An event such as a ball, reception, meeting royalty or the like would call for "formal" wear. "Dressing up" is something you would do for going out on a date or other less-than-formal activities. For those who complain of being uncomfortable in anything above the level of jeans and t-shirts, it's time to learn what size clothing you really take. "Dress-up" clothes, if properly sized, should be just as comfortable as your grunge clothes. "Dressing up" makes the evening more special for you as well as for those around you.

How you dress for an event is a direct indication of what you think of the host(s) and participants of the given event. The higher your regard for those other people, the better appearance you're going to make. So the next time you decide to step out to a milonga, remember all the above-mentioned points. In the milongas in Buenos Aires, it's considered a sign of respect for the host & other dancers at the milonga to dress well. In fact, it's expected of attendees to dress well.

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Text by Joseph Petrisko. Photographs by S. Singh