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"Celine and Sridhar emphasize respect for the partner and fellow dancers...their students will be able to dance a relaxed and tender Tango in a short time."

Melina Sedo and Detlef Engel, tangodesalon.com

"Their humor, casual approach, and fun spirit welcomes beginners into Tango"

Felipe Martinez, felipetango.com

Tango for Beginners

with Celine Allard & Sridhar Hannenhalli

Tango for Beginners provides a great introduction and lesson plan that systematically builds as you progress through your practice. You'll learn a complete range of movements, techniques and improvisational skills to approach the social dance floor in a calm and relaxed manner.

This modern DVD provides multi-angle lessons with subtitles in multiple languages to help you shine from the very beginning. An additional track offers helpful tips and commentary, and the lesson plans offer instruction in the fundamentals of the dance, so you can enjoy Argentine tango for years to come.

This DVD includes:
  • Front, side and high angles, so you can observe the lessons from multiple angles
  • A separate commentary audio track that offers additional tips on approaching each lesson
  • Subtitles in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Japanese
  • NTSC and PAL video formats
  • Widescreen Format
  • Content Time: 31 minutes x 3 angles = 93 minutes
Producer and Director: Shashin Singh
Camera and Lighting: Joshua Johnson
Camera and Sound: Joseph Kramer
Music performed by: Los Chantas, loschantas.com
Translators: Celine Allard, Giovanni Casadei, Anne-Magali Sanchez, Mitsuyo Takeshi, and Andreas Wichter

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